Passionate FullStack .Net web developer

We are looking for a skilled and experienced C#/.Net web developer who is passionate about a to z development projects based on the latest technologies.

Your role at InCom ApS

From day one, you become part of the entire development team, where you continuously work in teams alongside 1 - 4 other developers on various exciting projects. Your task is to create small, medium and large solutions for the company’s product portfolio in collaboration with PO and UX designers as well as our absolutely fantastic development customers.

The solutions are made for our Microservice architecture that is linked together by loosely combined services, each with an area of responsibility.

The company and the workplace

InCom is an innovative software company that develops professional and scalable internet and PWA solutions with the public and private housing sector as the primary target group. Our mission is to develop our customers’ business processes with new and more effective tools and mindsets.

InCom currently consists of 20 curious and professional individuals who every day take pride in developing and delivering optimal solutions that provide value for our customers. Together we work purposefully to create solutions that will be benchmark for the entire industry. The InCom Way, they say!

Working at InCom

Our focus is Kaizen, so you cannot avoid evolving!

We are skilled but have to constantly get better. Through daily and weekly routines, we are continuously seeking to improve ourselves. This applies to the overall business strategies, the processes in the individual teams and the competencies of the individual employee. We participate in Summits all over the world, and as a new tradition, all developers attend NDC in Copenhagen every year. If you want a personal education path, then it is definitely an option. At the moment, we have developers in training within MSc IT Architecture and Management, MSc Data Science and Big Data as well as ISTQB certification with participation at CPX 360 in Vienna, Austria.

The philosophy is Agile and the methods are DevOps, Kanban & ScrumBan

In recent years, we have undergone an agile transformation, and now we breathe and live for the agile principles. The majority of our solutions are developed in close collaboration with one or more customers, and the customers are always by our side all the way. Both parties find great value in proper project preparation as well as a process consisting of ongoing review focusing on MoSCow performed by the entire development team.

Are you an Agile Ninja or just another programmer?

You and your qualifications

  • You have a good knowledge of Tailwind, Angular 2+, RxJS, CSS utility first, ASP.NET Core, C#, Entity framework and MSSQL – and think it’s the coolest in the world!
  • You know the SOLID principles and The Clean architecture
  • You know about tools – Visual Studio, GIT, NuGet, NodeJS and NPM
  • In addition, we work with Umbraco CMS, AngularJS and ASP.NET 4.8
  • You have a minimum of 2 years of professional experience in web development
  • You are a cork that reappears at the surface as soon you have been underwater. A mistake is only a mistake if we don’t learn anything from it.
  • You are a rubberduck debugger who would like to pass on a good piece of craftsmanship to the PO and the customer.
  • It is important what you can do today, but more important what you can do tomorrow. Be ready to undergo great development with all of us.


Please send your application and your CV to Stefan Max Jensen at:

We hire when we have the right candidate – if you think that’s you, then send us an email asap.

For the applicant, who would like to read a bit more

How about everything else?

We offer lunch arrangement, health insurance, pension scheme, bonus schemes, lots of fun and much more.

We are three companies under the same umbrella.

InCom ApS – This is where you will work

For more information go to,, and

3XD ApS is an origin from InCom. 3XD works in construction digitalization. For more information go to

Cogniech A/S is a start-up Business Intelligence and Analytics company that has emerged on the basis of a management buyout from DXC Technology. InCom has a 25 % share in CogniTech. CogniTech is the largest partner-owned IBM Analytics company in Denmark with 7 partners and a total of 22 employees. For more information go to

The three companies work closely together to increase the value of the individual products and solutions. As an example, InCom and CogniTech have joined forces on a very ambitious AI and Data Science project, It will for sure be both fun and exciting.

We are serious, but never too serious

It is not the money that drives the work. Yes, we have to make money, because otherwise we can’t work with what we want, the way we want it.

More information

Are you interested in more information about InCom or the specific job opening, then you are more than welcome to contact us.

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